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Twenty Questions

1. Is it true that alleged Scott Rothstein victim and longtime socialite Bonnie Barnett was fronted the money for her $500,000 investment by Northern Trust Bank and hasn't paid the bank back since the Ponzi scheme collapsed?

2. Is it true that Barnett's physician husband banked a new MRI machine on Rothstein before the implosion? If so, it gives us an idea of just how deep the damage of this thing can go.

3. Rothstein was being extorted by an ex-bodyguard who threatened to kill Rothstein's parents, wife, and daughter and then send their hands to him in a box?  

4. Is it true that Scott Rothstein feels absolutely no remorse for his crimes?  

5. Is it true that BSO Lt. David Benjamin accompanied Rothstein to his Morocco-bound jet on the night of October 27 for the sole purpose of guarding the half million dollars in cash Rothstein was carrying in a briefcase to make sure he could get the cash past customs?

6. Is it true that Benjamin created his consulting company for the supposed purpose of providing security at Casa Casuarina (the Versace mansion) after Rothstein bought a  


10 percent stake in the South Beach landmark and took over its management?

7. Is it true that Rothstein paid Benjamin's firm at least $30,000 for work that was never done?

8. Is it true that Sheriff Al Lamberti feels betrayed by Benjamin, whom BSO spokesman Jim Leljedal confirmed didn't even tell him about escorting Rothstein to the plane until reporters started asking questions about it?

9. Is it true that Scott Rothstein somehow showed up in the BSO employee photo system, where vendors are occasionally listed, and that after it was brought to the attention of the command staff, access to the photo database was cut off to employees?

10. Is it true that a former BSO dispatcher has phone records for Benjamin and others from the night of the Santucci incident?

11. Is it true that the Solid Gold erotic dancer that Scott Rothstein kept at the Ritz-Carlton wasn't there for Rothstein but for his investors and clients?

12. Is it true that Scott and Kim Rothstein engaged in a sex swap with two members of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department involved in their protection detail?

13. Is it true that the monster that Scott Rothstein became was made possible chiefly by Ted Morse, who loaned him the money early on to buy Ricky Williams' house on Castilla Isle and play the role of big shot to begin luring in investors? And that Morse made millions off the investment scheme before Rothstein took the car dealer's father, Ed Morse, to the cleaners with the $57 million lawsuit scam?

14. Is it true that in return, Ted Morse got to live out his rich-boy fantasies of superiority with Rothstein, who often flew him to New York for parties?

15. Is it true that George Levin put millions of dollars into a major renovation of his Fort Lauderdale estate while he reaped the benefits of Rothstein's Ponzi scheme?

16. Is it true that just before the fall, Scott Rothstein moved David Boden into a small office just outside of the inner sanctum because he needed him closer to his side?

17. Is it true that shortly before the collapse, a staff meeting was called at Bova Prime during which all employees were told they were forbidden to use the special elevator to go up to see Scott Rothstein without express permission ever again?

18. Is it true that the elevator order was mainly directed at cocktail waitresses and female bartenders who made it a habit of going directly to Rothstein with their problems? 

19. Is it true that Scott Rothstein tried to rip off 401K money from his attorneys in his firm until they noticed and confronted him with it? Is it true that Rothstein acted outraged at the suggestion that he would do such a thing before the money mysteriously showed back up in the attorneys' accounts?

20. Is it true that the feds are overtaxed and understaffed on the Rothstein investigation, causing huge delays in bringing those responsible to justice and possibly sparing some who otherwise might be charged?