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Video: Balloon Boy Family's "Wife Swap" Episode with Orlando Mom

Audiences were riveted to TV yesterday as authorities tracked a homemade flying saucer across Colorado, believing that a six-year-old boy, Falcoln Heene, may be trapped inside the wayward flying vessel. Later in the day, after the boy was found safely at home, speculation grew that the incident was a hoax -- a publicity stunt staged by an out-of-control father and acted out by kids who have been rewarded for rude and raucous behavior.

A little digging on You Tube yielded some interesting videos of the Heene family.  In one (above), the dad says that when the family was chosen by audiences to be on a second episode of "Wife Swap," it was "the best thing that's ever happened to us in our life -- seriously."  Richard Heene and his boys -- who are encouraged to curse and act unruly -- disrespect the woman who comes and lives with them for a week -- psychic Sheree Silver of Orlando. Mr. Heene displays a hot temper, screaming often and even throwing a glass of milk on Silver at one point.  He comes around only after the woman does a past-life regression workshop with him, his ego clearly boosted when they determine he was once the captain of a spaceship that shuttled aliens back and forth from Earth.

You Tube also yielded three home videos of the boys: one where they are walking down railroad tracks and rapping that they are "not pussified,"; and two videos where the kids make a dessert and "booger soup."

The first ten minutes of the "Wife Swap" episode can be seen above; the rest are here.

And here's the lovely burp- and fart-filled "Not Pussified" home video: