In Lauderdale, World's Best Synchronized Divers Make Tiny Splashes

Tom Daley, the 14-year-old British diving star turned bully target, may not be moving to Fort Lauderdale, as some irresponsible area blogs would have you believe, but he is currently in Fort Lauderdale for the USA Diving Grand Prix. But yesterday he and his synchronized diving partner Max Brick finished second in the 10-meter platform diving portion of the event to a pair of Indiana natives, David Boudia and Thomas Finchum, aged 20 and 19, respectively.

In the video below, the first of four from yesterday's competition, you can see Boudia and Finchum at about the one-minute mark. (The video at that point is stationary and doesn't show them leaping from the platform so much as falling from the sky like avenging angels.) Shortly after the 3-minute mark you can check out Daley and Brick in their second round dive. At 6:45, the two make their third round dive. Boudia and Finchum's is at about the 8:15 mark.