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News Alert: Fiedler Retiring

Miami Herald Editor Tom Fiedler just announced his retirement to the newsroom. Herald alum Anders Gyllenhaal, now editor and senior vice president of The Minneapolis Star Tribune, is replacing him at the end of February.

The Herald already has the story leading its web site. It quotes Fiedler: ''It has been an honor for me to have led The Miami Herald newsroom and to have been a journalist here. The contributions I have made are few in comparison to the friendships I have treasured and the lessons I have learned.''

A lot of people would agree with that. Between the Jim DeFede and Marti sagas, it's the close of one of the most tumultuous reigns of any editor imaginable. I wonder if Gyllenhaal really knows what he's getting into here (read Star-Tribune memo on his departure here).

And I thought this was going to be a slow day.