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Double Fault: High Finance Hot Shot Loses Wife to Boca Tennis Pro

Seems a certain Master of the Universe is no longer Master of His Domain. Marc Leder, one of the founders of Boca Raton-based Sun Capital Partners, is trying to put the pieces together after his wife Lisa left with the couple's three children and is now demanding half of Sun (and the moon and the stars) in their divorce settlement.

According to an article in the New York Post -- with a South Florida assist from reporter Julie Kay -- the couple has been fighting bitterly over $243 million in assets, which include a 15,000-square-foot home in Boca.

Leder's attorney, Albert Caruana, appears to be building a case that his client is the victim of a devious wife and a young player with a killer backhand.

Caruana said despite Lisa admitting last month to having a summer affair with a 23-year-old tennis coach last year before moving herself and their three kids in with a new boyfriend -- without telling Marc -- the executive is still focused on the business.

"He found out his kids were moved two weeks prior only when two women approached him and asked him if he knew about it," the lawyer noted.
One aspect of the divorce settlement that will have to be dealt with more informally: Who gets the ear of politicians who profited from the couples' lavish campaign donations?