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Alex Snitker's Senate Campaign Being Ignored, so He Calls on... Us

There's an old saying that goes something like "never trust the media." At New Times, we take axioms as seriously as anybody. We don't even trust each other. For instance, the lunch I put in the fridge? It's a decoy. My real lunch is in the rafters. See how you like Spoiled Tuna Surprise, thieves.

Which is why we're always confused when people call on the media to fix their problems -- especially when it's a U.S. senatorial candidate. I received an email from Libertarian candidate Alexander Snitker this morning, publicizing his call

to Gov. Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek, Marco Rubio, and Jeff Greene for weekly "Friday Night Fights" debates. These throwdowns "should include all candidates, regardless of party affiliation." That is to say, no one's taking Snitker seriously, and he's not getting airtime in high-profile events.

"Snitker showed up the other day at a meeting of the Florida Society of News Editors, which was hearing from the 'legitimate' Senate candidates, and even we wouldn't let him talk. He isn't high enough in the polls," wrote Howard Toxler for the St. Petersburg Times.

So what's a discounted underdog to do? Well, Snitker wants these all-inclusive debates. And which altruistic wells should these debates spring forth from? "Snitker is calling on the media... to host the debates," said campaign spokesperson Adrian Wyllie in the news release, and furthermore, "Snitker calls on the potential organizers to make sure the rules are clearly defined in advance to allow for a fair process."

To be fair, it seems like the Whig Party-endorsed Snitker's only option. None of his "rivals" have returned his phone calls. The best he got was a "no comment" from the Rubio campaign, and since Snitker calls out the candidates for blowing money on a TV ad arms race, we're guessing he's not rolling in it. It's also true that the Palm Beach Post has hosted a debate between Meek and Greene. Maybe some media pressure would get Snitker's message out, even if it was promptly shut down.

Sadly for Snitker, though, New Times won't be able to hold these Friday Night Fights, because not even in the name of democracy are we willing to work on Friday nights.