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Audio: Judge Seidlin Flees Paul and Young Ron Show

All of us in Broward County who know what a bad joke Judge Larry Seidlin really is have had to watch him hawking his unconscionable book about the Anna Nicole Smith case and his new proposed "Psychic Judge" TV show all week on national news shows.

They let the huckster slide every time on serious questions about the serious civil case that alleges Seidlin exploited his elderly neighbor, Barbara Kasler, out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and his infamous afternoon tennis games when he should have been on the bench.

Until this morning, that is. Seidlin was scheduled to appear on Paul and Young Ron's radio show, but apparently when he heard the lead-up to the interview, which also featured reporter Kelly Craig, Seidlin didn't answer his cell phone (apparently he's up in his home in Pennsylvania) and abandoned the interview.

You can hear the audiotape of the banter that put a scare into Seidlin inside. But first, Roger Stone sent this statement to the Pulp regarding his romp -- photographed below -- at the Gay Pride Parade in Manhattan on Sunday. Looks like Virgil got Stone's attention with his comment:  

"I attended Manhattan's Gay Pride Parade to video-tape my candidate for Governor Kristin Davis who marched in the parade. Kristin is running on a pro-gay marriage platform. New York Democrats took millions from the Gay Community to elect a Senate majority but failed to pass Gay Marriage. As a libertarian conservative who has written if favor of marriage equality at felt quite comfortable.  We Goldwater conservatives want government out of the bedroom and out of the boardroom. Those who suggest that I was ever a "family values " conservative don't know history. The photos the PULP posted of me flirting with good looking women reminded me that I need to spend more time in the gym."

Click below hear Paul and Young Ron's Seidlin audio.