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Nude Beaches Disappoint Google Team Filming Florida Coastline

Earlier in the year, Google and Visit Florida recruited four men to walk 825 miles of Florida's coastline, with the goal of photographing Florida's beaches, then posting the results on Google Street View for all to see. The journey for the four men consisted of lugging around 45 -pound backpacks equipped with 15-lens cameras that would snap pictures every 15 seconds along the way.

The trip would take four long, heat-filled months, but all along, one thing kept the guys going -- the promise of a stretch of nude beaches that would lift their spirits and provide some much-needed entertainment on this monotonous trip. Not to mention boobs -- hopefully lots and lots of boobies.


When the men reached the nude beaches, all their hopes and dreams came crashing back down to Earth faster than Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

The men told the Miami Herald the trip was cool and all, but it was a real bitch at times, and the nudey beaches? They didn't help.

It was those nude beaches that took the greatest toll on the four trekkers, at least in terms of shattered illusions. "It was pretty hot and pretty hard going when we started in August," Mongiovi said. "And some of the guys, I think, were keeping themselves going with the idea that, hey, soon we'll pass through some nude beaches.

"But when we reached the first one, one of the guys told me: 'The dream died yesterday'... It turns out most of the people who hang out on nude beaches should probably keep their clothes on."

Sounds like these beach walkers got totally conch blocked! Heh.

The photos will be patched together into panoramic, 360-degree views of coastline, with the final result available sometime next spring on Google Maps' Street View.

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