Source: Sun-Sentinel Shutting Doors in Weston

This just in from a good source:

The SS's Weston office is closing and the 6 reporters and 2 editors out there are all gonna move on Friday to Tamarac. That means instead of just one reporter in Tamarac (Lisa J. Huriash) there will be 7. Unless things change, so I hear. Maybe they will close Tamarac next and then everyone can work from a parking lot. Funny, though, Earl had been telling employees for years they had no intention of closing the Weston office. First was Miami, then Delray Beach, now Weston. Not sure where the 6-7 ad reps from Weston will go or what it means for the distribution center in Weston  -- guess there are no papers to distribute.

Wow. The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper, indeed (believe John de Groot coined that one in a prophetic moment a few years ago). The bureau has such a nice Sentinel sign on I-75 too.

More later on this topic. In the meantime, two quick items:

1. Sheriff Lamberti is threatening to close the stockade and cut off all drug programs for inmates. Note to Al: Really, now, you might want to rethink this, lest everyone start thinking you're just another grandstanding jerkoff (like an alarming number of your predecessors). Seriously.

2. The plea deal for bad BSO deputy Charles Grady stank from the start. This has got Michael Satz gypsy-justice written all over it. Grady is an apparent sociopath who used the power of the badge to fondle women, one of whom claimed he forced her to give him a blowjob while he held a gun to her head. Guy should be in prison for at least 15 years, right? Nah. He got a sweet plea deal from Satz's office, under the direction of prosecutor Dave Schulson. (Schulson also conducted the ridiculously shoddy Stacy Ritter investigation; what a tool --  almost time for a promotion!). Grady got just a couple of misdemeanors, no time, and the poor fellow can no longer be a deputy. That's right. Misdemeanors. The Banana Republic strikes again. But why? That's worth investigating, but one reason bantered about for the abortion of justice is that Grady was, uh, connected to one of Satz's favorite prosecutors (at least if hefty salaries are any indication), who herself is the daughter of a longtime Broward powerbroker and Satz chum.

JAABlog has been all over this from the beginning, covering it closely. Today, the Miami Herald weighed in with a light primer on the case as well.

Time to wake up: An office that will let a sexual predator skate is capable of anything. 

Unfortunately, I've been having technical difficulties, so I can't link. Here's the URL to JAABlog in general (you should favorite if you haven't already; it's required reading in Broward County) and to the Miami Herald story.