FPL Is Building Another Natural Gas Pipeline Underfoot

Did you know there are already two major pipelines underground that bring in natural gas from other states to our local power plants? There will be a third by 2017, and FPL is currently seeking "Requests for Proposals" from companies that want the job of building it. 

FPL says the two natural gas pipelines we have already are almost at capacity. This new one would begin in Alabama and end in Martin County. Of course, FPL tries to spin it all happy-like, saying that by building this pipeline and converting three old oil- and gas-fired plants to ones that use gas (including the sites at Port Everglades and Riviera Beach), FPL is reducing oil consumption. 

Just don't let anyone get a match near this sucker. And don't mention that whole fracking thing -- the method of getting natural gas out of the ground -- that's ruining underground water supplies. Nor the fact that FPL is also looking to build more nuclear units (Fuku-what?),  and our rates will be going up. Even though FPL is loaded enough that it could afford to give Rick Scott $250,000 for his reelection campaign. 

(Yes, I would rather be a Luddite and live in trees -- thanks for asking.) 

The last time we dug into FPL's methods, we got a peek into how convoluted the process is to get power plants and pipelines built and how powerful and shady the energy giant can be. And don't forget that time it charged people almost $10 per month extra for green energy (called the Sunshine Energy program), only to spend almost all of that windfall on brochures and marketing. 

For more information from FPL about the Southeast Pipeline Project, click here

Now if someone will just bring my horse-drawn carriage around...