Charlie Crist Targets Rick Scott's Anti-Abortion Stance, Women's Issues

Gov. Rick Scott has been spending millions on ads attacking Charlie Crist and his flip-flopping ways, pointing out how he much he screwed Florida the first time he was governor of the state.

Now Crist is fighting back and, as he did with gay marriage rights, he's attacking Scott on an issue Scott has been vehemently against: women's issues and abortion.

In doing so, Crist has teamed up with Planned Parenthood to get after Scott and his stance on abortion and women's issues.

The ad lays it out pretty simply with different women reading off why they think Scott is wrong for Florida:

"Rick Scott wants to take away a woman's right to choose. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and restrict access to abortion. Even for victims of rape and incest. He signed laws that require mandatory ultrasounds. And thinks employers should deny women coverage for birth control. Rick Scott even refused to support new laws for equal pay. When it comes to doing what's right for Florida women, Rick Scott has been wrong every single time."

The Miami Herald reported last week that Planned Parenthood is looking to spend $3 million to help Crist with women concerned with abortion rights.

It's a big move from Crist, who, despite his newfound progressive political leanings toward things like women's rights, medical marijuana legalization, and gay rights issues, is still tied with Scott in most polls.

Scott is also expected to outspend Crist.

Earlier this summer, Public Policy Polling showed that Crist and Scott were all knotted up at 42 percent apiece among likely voters surveyed.

A big part of this looks to be because Floridians don't seem to like either candidate much.

Forty-eight percent said they disapproved of Scott's performance, according to the poll.

But when they're asked if they have a favorable opinion of Crist, the survey shows that 48 percent do not much care for the former governor either.

Going after the female vote could prove huge, especially in a midterm election cycle, when Republicans traditionally come out strong to the polls.

On Tuesday, Crist's campaign sent out an email with the new Planned Parenthood ad and a message asking for donations:

When it comes to doing what's right for Florida women, Rick Scott has been wrong every single time.

Rick Scott has never once stood up for us.

He's never fought for our right to choose, or for equal pay, or for affordable contraception.

Instead, he's put obstacle after obstacle in our way.

When women succeed, our families succeed. But Rick Scott doesn't want any of us to get ahead.

Donate $1 or more to make him a one-term governor.

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