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Deyo Downloaded Child Porn While He and Couple Slept

Discovery documents released in the case of Brandon Deyo, the 23-year-old Jupiter man arrested in December on charges of transmitting child pornography, reveal that Deyo had been downloading the porn in large batches overnight at the house of a friend's parents in Jupiter.

The predilection for young children seems to be a family affair. Deyo's father David, who performed in Palm Beach County as "Noodles the Clown," had been sentenced to serve 17½ years in 2003 on charges of producing child pornography -- he's doing his time in a federal pen in Colorado.

Son Brandon, now being held in the Palm Beach County Detention Center, had joined the Air Force last year, where he was working as a mechanic and saving money for a belated honeymoon. Deyo would leave the base in Homestead and drive north to spend weekends at the couple's house -- ostensibly to be closer to his young wife, who still lived with her family in Jupiter.

But it seems Deyo had more on his mind than canoodling with his spouse. It was at this home in a quiet Jupiter suburb, while the older couple slept, that Deyo downloaded files with names like "Preteen_Underage_Lolita_Kiddy_Child_Incest XXX_Porno_Gay_Fuck_Young_Naked_Nude_Little_Girlsada(2).jpg, saving them to a shared file marked "C" on his hard-drive. Deyo told investigators he'd hit the download button and accumulate reams of pornography while he got some shuteye.

In a weird twist, the 50-something couple with whom Deyo was staying both worked with children. The husband held a high-level position in a local nonprofit dedicated to helping victims of child abuse; his wife worked at an elementary school. The couple had offered Deyo a room on weekends at least partially out of pity: They knew his mother was dead and his father in prison. Law enforcement traced the IP address downloading the porn to their home; police had spent two weeks surreptitiously staking out the property. Finally one morning, before breakfast while the wife was still in pajamas, authorities dressed in black and armed with a search warrant knocked at their door.

Recorded interviews with the couple reveal that police soon learned the couple weren't the ones perusing the porn. Deyo was back at the Air Force base on the day the cops knocked, but police records showed the downloads occurred only on weekends.

Practically at a loss for words, the wife castigates herself for not guessing what Deyo was up to, knowing his father's history: "This is a kid who, I can't believe the stupidity of it... This is going to be hard to explain to the neighbors."