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Fight Abortion: Boycott The Sun-Sentinel

Just when you thought that the Sun-Sentinel had hit its low point, it dives down deeper into the muck.

Today's lead story in the local section -- written, incredibly, by the newspaper's lead political writer, Anthony Man -- is headlined, "Fired-up Mom's New Blog Shows Support For Palin."

Man's lede:

Inspired by Sarah Palin and incensed by what she sees as unfair attacks on the Republican vice presidential candidate, Tami Nantz has taken her pride and anger to the Internet.

On moms4sarahpalin, the Coral Springs wife and mother blogs about all the good she sees in John McCain's running mate — and rails against critics of the Alaska governor.

In the pre-Internet era, people fired up about politics wrote letters to the editor, volunteered for campaigns or went to mass rallies. Today, they take to cyberspace.

And Palin is perfect for the type of blog run by people who want to spread their opinions, bolstered by facts gathered from — where else? — the Internet. Palin is new to almost everyone outside Alaska, and a void of information creates a gap that begs to be filled.

Also, she inspires passion, so fans will make the effort to blog. Someone like Nantz "is motivated because there's an exciting candidate who speaks to her," said Joseph Uscinski, a University of Miami political scientist who specializes in the media.

And Palin clearly speaks to Nantz. "Sarah Palin is just a real woman. A real chick. She's one of us. Everything I read confirms that. I feel like she is one of the gals," Nantz said. "She's a strong woman. I thought it was a brilliant pick."

Oh, I see, a regular housewife, has taken to those new-fangled Internets to voice her support for a mom she can relate to. Sure, the story is ridiculously overplayed, but at least it's about a real person finding her political voice, right?

Hell no. Check out her blog here. Nantz is just another mindless idealogue with a blog. And how does she fill that alleged "void of information?" With a jingoistic nauseous ill-informed bunch of propaganda in support of George W. Bush, John McCain, and the war in Iraq, complete with a creepy soundtrack (incuding Lee Greenwood's "I'm Proud To Be An American" of course).

Here's what she put on her blog about Bush's "successful prosecution" of the war in Iraq:

For some reason, the left recognizes the legitimacy of military action in Afghanistan but American efforts in Iraq, at least now, are somehow suspect. ... the criticism offered by the lefts intellectual pygmies hardly bear up under even cursory critical evaluation. Let me begin by dismissing the three preceding questions, which simply don't merit much in the way of response. Any comparison of Iraq to Vietnam is infantile. In terms of theatre of operations, casualties, and objectives (or lack thereof), there are no corollaries. Any financial motives for the prosecution of the Iraq war seem preposterous, given the extent to which the financial resources of this country have been expended. Almost as ignorant as the foregoing, are the arguments concerning a maniacal lust for oil. Simply consider that the U.S. military has not engaged in the confiscation of oil sites, equipment, or mechanisms of distribution in Iraq. We have not, as a conquering imperialist army would, pressed the natural resources of the Iraqi's into our service.

Iraq is about taking the fight to the enemy. It's about nation building, about the establishment of two democracies in the heart of Islamic fascism. Since the events of 9/11, we have suffered no further terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. We have enjoyed this period of respite because the enemies of this country, of our way of life, are too busy scuttling about in caves or dogging sniper fire, or bombs dropped from invisible stealth aircraft to plan and execute their evil deeds in this country. That is the plain fact of the matter. The Bush administration is doing, successfully, what governments are instituted to do, which is to protect its citizenry by engaging and exterminating threats to its population. The liberals oppose the current administration and must, therefore, vilify its successes; no matter that the left gives aid and comfort to the enemy and demoralizes our military, all in the pursuit of political power.

In the final analysis, Afghanistan and Iraq are about the disruption of the totalitarian Islamic hegemony in the Middle East, the destabilization of those who would relish our destruction. The policies in play are global in nature and historic in scope. Those who argue otherwise do so out of ignorance, stupidity, or sympathy with the enemy.

So that's how she defends Palin's critics? By spewing uninformed, horribly written garbage about Iraq, implying that Americans who oppose the war are traitors? This is home-spun Americana brought to you by your hometown newspaper?

And Man, to his great discredit, elevates this drivel to a phenomenon involving Palin's personal power or some such shit (with the help of a political scientist, of course). Anthony, this is pathetic. Step up your game, son.