Obama-Masked Robber Has Been Arrested

Last March, we told you about a guy who was robbing Palm Beach County Burger Kings and McDonald's restaurants with a gun while wearing an Obama mask.

Well, according to Riviera Beach police, the masked bandit has been caught.

And, as it turns out, it's not actually the president but a 22-year-old man named Marvin McTeare.


According to varying reports, McTeare would either wear white gloves or red gloves during robberies. But he always wore black, brandished a silver semiautomatic handgun, and covered his face in the Obama mask.

McTeare was also described by witnesses as "a thin tall black male." So, obviously, the choice to go incognito as Barack Obama was genius!

According to police, McTeare would enter a restaurant, whip out the gun, and then order the employees into a back office. He would then have the manager take money from a safe and put it into a cloth bag. No word if he went and redistributed the money. (Because of socialism, you see.)

Cops did not reveal what led to McTeare's arrest or if Keanu Reeves had anything to do with it. According to police, he was in the custody of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office for a different robbery.

McTeare is facing charges of armed robbery and grand theft. 

However, in keeping with using whatever they can to smear the president, even if it's taking something he said way out of context and using it as the slogan for the entire RNC, the GOP really should just tell people that it was actually Barack Obama robbing all them Burger Kings and McDonald'ses. 

I have lots more good ideas like this one. Call me, Republicans!