Graffiti Artist Left His Work All Around Us

You probably didn't know Jonathan Corso, but you almost surely knew his work.

It was on bridges and exit ramps, rooftops, train cars, and fences across South Florida. He was a prolific graffiti (and tattoo) artist whose often eye-popping art appeared across the region.  

He went by the name Ynot, but his friends are now asking why. Why did someone run him down in the parking lot of Club Eden in Davie while he was celebrating his 21st birthday with a couple of friends early Wednesday morning? 


​Whoever killed Corso was in a white Escalade that was left at the scene. Corso's mother told the Miami Herald that she had heard that three guys started picking on her son and the conflict ran out into the parking lot, where Corso was eventually run over and backed over again.

Davie police are trying to decide if it was an accident or a homicide and whether an arrest will be made, the Herald reported.

Got to let the police do their job, but I'm thinking that if no arrest is made, they better have a very good explanation for how a 21-year-old could have been run over twice by accident in a parking lot during a scuffle.

Eerily, a 27-year-old tattoo and graffiti artist in St. Louis who also went by "Ynot" was killed by assailants in a random robbery last year. You can see a photo tribute to Brandon "Ynot" Boehmer here.  

Corso recently had a child, a 5-month-old son named Maximillian. "He was a little scary-looking with his hair, his dreads," his mother told the Herald. "But he was a little guy and a sweet kid. I used to get mad at him for the graffiti. He always used to tell me he just wanted to make the world a more beautiful place."

You can decide if you think he succeeded in making the places where he worked -- often bleak and rundown areas -- more beautiful or not. Inside is a selection of his work.  

A wall in Wynwood.