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Dennis Rodman's Manager Says He's "Fine" After Serious Car Wreck

The South Florida-based manager for Dennis Rodman said this morning that his client is "fine" after a car Rodman was riding in flipped at least three times on I-95 in Broward County this weekend.

"He called me right after it happened," the manager said. "He was going to the hospital, but he said he was OK. It was just Dennis being Dennis."

Celebrity gossip website TMZ first reported the car accident, in which Rodman and a female companion were passengers, last night.

Neither Rodman, who lives in South Florida, nor the lady friend were hurt, though the driver of the green Range Rover had head injuries.

According to TMZ, the Range Rover was headed south on I-95 when a tire blew out. The vehicle flipped at least three times. Passersby -- Good Samaritans -- stopped at the scene and helped Rodman out of the vehicle. Then they reportedly asked for autographs, and Rodman politely declined.

On his Twitter account, Rodman told his fans: "I should be dead by now, but I'm still living. They can't get rid of me just yet. Thanks for all the well wishes after my car accident."

This comes only a month after news that the former basketball star's estranged wife claimed he owed her more than $300,000 in child support and he had to tell the world, "I'm not as rich as she thinks."

It's also possible that Rodman was jealous of another alum of celebrity-reality television, Vanilla Ice, who showed us last week just how he survives a fiery car crash.