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Couple Charged in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Move over, Dahlia Dippolito. The Broward Sheriff's Office has its own undercover hitman and he allegedly convinced a couple to hire him for the murder of a key witness. Erik Kelly and a girlfriend, Tiffany Jamaluddin, are both facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

Kelly was already in BSO custody for armed robbery. From the BSO release:

Kelly agreed to pay $6,000 for the murder and Jamaluddin was to come up with the cash and provide it to the undercover. Kelly is recorded in those phone conversations telling his girlfriend the hitman was going to "hammer the ho so she doesn't come to court," that he was going to "murder the ho if you get the cash right," and in reference to the witness, if she "ain't living, can't come to court".

Funny how little privacy there is for inmates who want to do business on the outside. In this case it seems the employer wanted the hitman to take that role literally.

Kelly provided the undercover investigator with the intended victim's name, description and address, and agreed that the detective should run the victim over with a vehicle and then leave town.
No need to break down any doors to arrest Jamaluddin. Yesterday she stopped by the main jail in downtown Fort Lauderdale to pay Kelly a brief visit. Looks like she'll be staying a little while.