Allen West Calls New Times "Idiot Liberals" and "a Bunch of Losers"

Rep. Allen West isn't too happy that we called him out for violating the United States Flag Code, so he decided to send out his eighth-grade-esque retort to subscribers of his weekly newsletter.

Among West's insults are "idiot Liberals," "delusional dummies," and "a bunch of losers."

Here's the paragraph of what Rep. West had to say about us and his diving trip:

Then it seems there are some who wanted to find something wrong with me diving with a group of combat Veterans, some disabled, with the Diveheart program. It appears that my taking a U.S. flag down to a sunken wreck (artificial reef) for us all to take pictures and video just riled up some idiot Liberals looking for anything to criticize when it comes to me. Well, doggone sorry, perhaps next time I will put on a tie-dyed shirt and jeans, dance around singing anti-war, anti-American songs, and burn a flag. Perhaps that would endear me to the delusional dummies out there who are probably just jealous because they cannot dive to 80 ft into a hard current and proudly carry an American flag. What a bunch of losers!
We kind of liked the response to our post by better.

Neither West nor his staff have refuted our point that West violated the United States Flag Code, so the newsletter rant may have been the next best response.

Stay classy with the name-calling, congressman.

Click here for the newsletter in its entirety.

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