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There's a "Sexy Olaf" Costume from Frozen

There's no better proof of a cartoon's success than when it gets made into a Halloween costume (see: Spider-Man, Hulk, etc.). And if it gets made into a sexy Halloween costume, that's a special kind of achievement (Sailor Moon, Catwoman, Sexy Gumby).

This year, a costume company called Yandy has churned out a line of sexy costumes based on characters from the hit kids' movie Frozen. And there's even a "sexy Olaf."

Olaf was the goofy snowman who just wanted to experience summer. And, he was played, by the way, by a former Broward County kid, Josh Gad. Gad was born in Hollywood and went to school at Nova.

Gad acknowledged on Twitter that word of the costumes had made it to him:

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