Jeff Ireland Parody Song Reminds Us That Jeff Ireland Still Stinks

The Dolphins might have won Sunday, and it looks like their quarterback situation might have been solved

But one fact remains unchanged: Jeff Ireland still sucks as a general manager. 

And now the the undaunted geniuses at #WAARF (via, have come up with yet another parody song reminding us of this fact. 

The song, titled "My Name Is... Jeffy Jeff Ireland," is a riff on Eminem's "My Name Is." 

Check out the video after the jump (mildly NSFW).

This certainly isn't meant to belittle what the Fins have done so far this season (we're 2-3 AWWWYEAAHH!). 

But we can't lose sight that Ireland has done more harm than good for this franchise during his tenure. 

Not to mention what he thinks of you, the critical fan.

#WAARF (We Are All Ray Feinga) is named for the Dolphins often released-resigned-released player Ray Feinga, and its other videos can be found here. It was formed under the umbrella of and is now aggressively spewing its awesome on all Dolphins fans the world over.