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Fort Lauderdale Ranked Among Worst Cities for Families

After receiving so many high marks on different rankings, this bit of news is kind of a bummer: Apparently, Fort Lauderdale is not an ideal place to raise a family.

This, according to WalletHub, a personal finance social network that ranked more than a hundred cities across the U.S. in its annual Worst Cities for Families study.

As far as raising your family, Fort Lauderdale is ranked an atrociously low 142 out of 150.

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Using a key metrics called "Haterade," WalletHub, was able to narrow down the rankings by calculating respective cities' crime rates, school system rankings, housing costs, and number or parks and museums per capita, among other variables.

"We compared each of the 150 largest cities in the U.S. based on 31 key metrics," Liana Arnold, communications director of WalletHub, told New Times, "in order to help families across the country identify the ideal location to put down roots."

And what they found doesn't bode well for Fort Lauderdale or, as real estate blog Movoto calls it, the seventh most exciting midsized city in America!

Ranking 1 through 150 -- with green meaning good and red meaning bad -- WalletHub placed Fort Lauderdale way down on the list, with Hialeah coming in just above it at 141.

Hialeah, incidentally, is the highest-ranking city in Florida. (Miami came in 149th.)


WalletHub broke down Fort Lauderdale's metrics. And the findings weren't pretty.

Here's how Fort Lauderdale ranks among the individual metrics:

  • 137th for Activities & Fun
  • 121st for Health & Safety
  • 136th for Education & Childcare
  • 123rd for Affordability
  • 121st for Socio-Economic Environment

From WalletHub:

While obviously not perfect -- given the intrinsic value of each city, personal preferences, and the limitations of publicly available data -- the resulting rankings of 2014's Best & Worst Cities for Families will hopefully give prospective movers a sense of which areas offer the greatest opportunity to achieve wallet wellness and, of course, live a long and happy life.

Bottom line, Fort Lauderdale seems to rank high in things like greenest midsized city, best downtown, and even best city to park your car.

But as far as raising a family here, there are apparently 141 other cities that are better. At least according to this one study.

So, yes, you can definitely bring your family to vacation in Fort Lauderdale.

You just can't raise one there.

You can see the full rankings here.

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