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UPDATE: Joey Porter NOT Released

Hold your dead horses, South Florida. Joey Porter isn't gone yet. Hours after announcing that the team is releasing the controversial (some might say over-rated) linebacker, the Dolphins just sent out this message: "The release of Joey Porter was determined to be an invalid termination. Therefore at this time, Porter reverts back to the Miami Dolphins roster."

Invalid termination? It means cutting Porter put the Fins over the current salary cap.

UPDATE: It seems that several sites have the soon-to-be-former Dolphin going to, of all places, the rival New York Jets.

In addition to flicking off South Florida and showing the world his bare belly, Jets coach Rex Ryan does love obnoxious, trash-talking linebackers. And though Porter hasn't been hugely influential on the field in two seasons, he basically set the standard for such obnoxiousness for years.

If you'll remember, Porter even got into it with Ryan before the Dolphins-Jets rematch last season.