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Reader: Dirty Dozen's Donald Bradford Is a Scumbag

​The comment we're featuring today comes from this week's cover story, The Dirty Dozen: 2010's Most Despicable People.

We gave Donald Bradford, president of a local animal research facility called Primate Products, a 6 on the Dirty Dozen scale. That was mostly because so many people haven't seen the photos of their subjects that we published this year.

Despite the feature pointing out 12 locals, readers could focus only on Bradford.

After the jump, see the best comment, from Jkwesley, who compares Primate Products to a modern-day slave trader.

Jkwesley 1 day ago
Primate Products is nothing more than a modern day slave trader. The poor monkeys suffer and recently, as covered by News channel 6, they accepted over 100 monkeys from the Federal government for "retirement" and promptly gave them away to a road side zoo who didn't have proper facilities to care for them. Dozens died before they were returned, and rumor has it, all euthanized. Can we way SCUM!