Sliding Glass Door Might Tear Margate Family Apart

A recently filed lawsuit is all the more evidence that hanging out with family really does suck, because relatives can bankrupt you.

Yolanda Dieppa, according to Broward County Civil Court filings, was hanging out at apparent relative Vilma Dieppa's Margate house in July 2007.

Yolanda was on Vilma's property as a "social guest." Things soured, so Yolanda claims, because of a dangerous sliding glass door.

Court docs don't specify how, exactly, the sliding glass door put Yolanda's life and limb at risk. Neither woman nor Yolanda's lawyer has gotten back to the Pulp with details just yet.

But Yolanda is demanding a jury trial for damages.

All that Yolanda has said in the filing: "Her walking ability was impaired," and Vilma should have known about the treacherous threshold. She wants at least $15,000.

It's unclear how the suit has affected the Diettas' relationship, if at all: As of 10:30 a.m., Yolanda -- a self-described eyebrow shaper -- was still Facebook friends with Vilma.

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