Amado Cardenas Allegedly Burglarized the Wrong Apartment but Passed Out Anyway

We're not sure what the worst part of Amado Cardenas' alleged burglary attempt is -- the fact that he broke into the wrong apartment or the fact that the woman who lived there tried to wake him up the next morning because he'd passed out on the floor.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, a woman returned to her Stock Island apartment around 7 a.m. Wednesday and found Cardenas, 45, fast asleep on the living-room floor.

Aside from the fact that the woman found a stranger sleeping in her home, she also had to phone the cops because Cardenas wouldn't wake up.

Cardenas was arrested, and police say the woman's apartment was "disturbed."

"Cardenas had helped himself to alcoholic beverages, gone through her drawers, and taken cash and medications from her," MCSO Deputy Becky Herrin says. "He had also tried to take her flat-screen television off of the wall."

After allegedly rummaging through the woman's stuff and pocketing some of it before having some drinks and calling it a night on the floor, police asked Cardenas what exactly he was doing.

According to the cops, Cardenas said he thought he was at his ex-girlfriend's place.

It may sound like a crappy excuse, but the sheriff's office says his ex-girlfriend actually lives next door to the woman.

Either way, Cardenas was booked into jail on burglary and theft charges.

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