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Broward Jail Gets National Award; Points for Beating Inmates With Radios?

Today the Broward Sheriff's Office announced it was going to receive an award reserved for the nation's best jail. So I guess congratulations are in order for the many, many deputies at the jail who perform their job with honor and integrity; but I can't help but wonder how BSO beat out some 500 other jails for the big prize in a year when deputy Gladys Dauphin was booked on felony charges of beating an inmate with her handheld radio.

Dauphin was also accused of falsifying the victim's file, presumably in an effort to cover up the incident.

Now compare that to the news release:

BSO's jail system impressed the accreditation surveyors and committee who commended the staff for consistently demonstrating excellence in health services delivery, correctional health care professionalism, and a commitment to continuity of services.
The findings against Dauphin probably came after the award panel had met.