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As Tucker Max Movie Opens, Boca Cringes

That's the trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, the movie for audiences who thought The Hangover was too subtle. It's based on the best-selling book of the same name by Tucker Max. The film, which is limited release this weekend, is sure to linger for an uncomfortably long time in Boca Raton, where Max had his notorious fling with the former Miss Vermont, Katy Johnson. Boca's where Max landed after he was fired at a law office and gave up his ambition of being a lawyer.

In a May speech at Ohio State's graduation ceremony, Max told about how in Boca he went to Plan B.

Since I had trained my whole life for either law or business, if I can't do law, I'll just do business, right? My dad owns a successful restaurant company in South Florida, and I had a great idea for how to expand the concept and take it national, so let's do that.

At first, the challenge of the business and the thrill of something new invigorated me. My dad has a great restaurant concept and we had a fantastic plan to expand it, but there was so much wrong with the way it was run, I had all kinds of problems to solve first.

The biggest were the employees. I wanted to fire most of the people who worked for my dad because they were either incompetent suck-ups or brazen thieves. I thought that because I was right and my name was on the door, my dad would back me. I was still young enough to think that being right was what mattered. You guys are probably still young enough to think that, but you'll learn your lesson. Long story short, the employees were better at office politics than I was, and my dad ended up backing them.

I got fired. By my own father. From the FAMILY BUSINESS.

Seriously, go to Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida. There is a restaurant called Max's Grill. My dad is in there 5 nights a week, you can ask him about it. Now that I'm such a success, he may hem and haw and make excuses, but make no mistake about it:

My own father fired me.

So there I was. 26 years old. Alone. Living in shitty Boca Raton, Florida. Fucking girls I couldn't stand, like Miss Vermont. Fired from the entire legal profession. Fired from the family business by my own father. I had failed miserably at the only two things I had trained for in my life. Kicked out of the system I had bought into.

But alas, Boca did not break Max's spirit.