Note to Juror No. 4: Hold Strong | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Note to Juror No. 4: Hold Strong

Juror No. 4, you are not alone. 

I know you feel like you are. I know your fellow jurors in the Liberty City Six trial have been browbeating you and cajoling you into changing your opinion, into doing something that you know isn't right. But I'm behind you, and so are many thousands of other people across the country who know this trial is a sham brought on by a sham administration and a sham attorney general.

You say the stress is making you physically ill, that you don't want to go on anymore.

I know it feels like torture (something that administration wasn't unfamiliar with), but you need to fight.

Two other juries have already deadlocked in past Liberty City trials, despite the fact that the U.S. government has put vast resources into prosecuting these poverty-stricken black men and the judge has been ruling with the feds all the way. If you don't fight on, Judge Joan Lenard will go on without you and these men may spend most of the rest of their lives in prison.

Sometimes it takes only one brave person to keep a terrible injustice from happening. Juror No. 4, you may be that person. It's not easy to fight against ignorance, stupidity, and corruption. It's not easy to go against the grain, to go against your own government, or even to go against the people sitting next to you. But if you leave now and an injustice is carried out, how hard will it be for you to live with that knowledge? Stick out a few more days of hell and stand your ground.

There are a lot of people standing at your side; you just don't know it yet.