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Wednesday Run-Up

Alright, do it once, shame on you, do it twice, double-shame on you. I let Sun-Sentinel reporter Ihosvani "Gia" "Geo" Rodriguez misspelling of Hollywood activist Howard Sher's name (he spelled it "Sheer") in an August 27 article go without mention the first time he did it. Everybody makes an occasional stupid mistake, after all. But then, today, he did it again.

Or did he?

Actually, Rodriguez didn't misspell the name again -- the Sentinel inexplicably ran the same story again ten days later, with all the exact same

quotes. Apparently another editor got a hold of it, because it was slightly re-written, though it had an identical headline, "TAX RATE PROTEST TO BE A TEA PARTY; CRITICS SAY BUDGET PLAN IS AN OUTRAGE." Here's the lede of the original:

"There isn't a harbor nearby, but some Hollywood residents upset by the city's proposed taxes are planning to hold a rebellious tea party."

And the recycled lede:

"Some Hollywood residents upset by the city's proposed taxes are planning to hold a rebellious tea party."

I called Sher about the misspelling.

"I told Gia about it," he said.

I said it was in the newspaper again today.

"What the hell did I do?" he asked.

I explained that the same story ran again with the same misspelling. He had no complaints. He said Rodriguez did a good job of explaining the issue and he wants every bit of attention paid to it possible.

"That's a good thing," he said.

-- The Miami Herald's David Ovalle does a swell job on another beating death of a homeless person. This time it was four young soldiers of Christ who did the deed in Little Havana. A 67-year-old homeless man named Jose Perez, who slept in the hallway of an apartment building, apparently made a rude remark to 18-year-old Janice Guillen on the street. She ran over and struck the old bugger in the face. Then her posse, led by 28-year-old boyfriend Magdiel Wingfield, came and beat the poor man to death. Wingfield, Guillen and their two co-defendants -- Jose Cardenas and Kevin Stone -- were all members of, let me make sure I get this right, the Church of the Soldiers of the Cross of Christ. Wingfield's dad is a pastor and Cardenas's pop is a bishop at the church, which Ovalle tells us was founded in Cuba.

-- Hannah Siampson tells us that the vote to raise Broward teachers' salaries comes today. I may have angered a few teachers a couple weeks back, but the Pulp solidly endorses the pay raise. The only condition is that teachers in Broward not complain about their paychecks for a four years.