Toast To George McEvoy

The Pulp was properly called out by a commenter yesterday for failing to mention the death of Palm Beach Post columnist George McEvoy, who has been a staple in South Florida journalism for decades. Here's what the commenter wrote:

I'm surprised a blog that covers South Florida journalism has not mentioned the death of George McEvoy, one of the truly memorable characters in newspapers here since the 1970s. He was a Front Page-style reporter (not journalist) who befriended and helped out a couple of generations of young reporters at the Sun-Sentinel and the old Fort Lauderdale News during the 1970s and 1980s. You might look in askance at a couple of his facts when he really got going on a story, but they were always beautifully written. A George McEvoy story might make you laugh, or it might make you cry, but you sure as hell were never bored. He loved to go drinking with reporters half his age and spend the night telling stories, always with his late wife Ruthie by his side. He wrote a column for the Post in recent years while in semi-retirement. The Post did a decent, but incomplete, obit on the life of a colorful, decent and talented reporter.

Thanks for the heads-up, whoever you are. I totally get the "reporter" vs. "journalist" thing. My dad wrote for the Courier-Journal back in the Bingham heyday and always referred to himself as a reporter, as the the j-word sounded too haughty for the craft.

Here's a link to the Post obit by George Bennett (which I think is a pretty strong piece).