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A Star Is Born

The Miami Hurricanes are now officially on the map, thanks to Jack McClinton, a bona fide star. You hardcore Hurricane fans already know that, but his incredible performance in today's victory over St. Mary's put him on the national stage. He scored 38 in brilliant fashion against the tougher-than-you-might-expect St. Mary's team. He's a guy that can score from anywhere on the court at any time. He reminds me of a guy I watched play at Kentucky quite a bit, Tony Delk, only McClinton's seems tougher and more assertive. (Delk, by the way, was the star of the 1996 national championship team, and had a long NBA career).

I had a torrid meeting in the brackets, by the way. Had San Diego (over Connecticut), Western Kentucky (over Drake), and Davidson (over Gonzaga), all good upsets. If I end up torching this tourney, I'm gonna be pissed because I'm in a head-to-head contest with a buddy (for a ten-spot) but failed to get into the big pool I usually get into that's worth a couple hundred. I almost hope I get a few losses.

What else now? Oh yeah. Deerfield police tasered a naked guy and killed him. It wasn't until after the tragedy that the cop realized it wasn't a gun the guy was holding. (Worst joke ever, forgive me. Seriously, I'm officially on the anti-taser bandwagon now. One stupid death is enough, but they're really starting to add up).