Voter Fraud Group Sues St. Lucie County to Inspect Allen West-Patrick Murphy Outcome

True the Vote, a nonpartisan, nonprofit grassroots organization whose mission seems to be to keep election integrity, is suing the St. Lucie County and Florida Supervisor of Elections after they supposedly botched the Allen West-Patrick Murphy recount back in November.

Specifically, the group is looking to get election authorities to grant complete inspection rights to all election records pertaining to the 18th District race and voter registration records under federal and state law.

True the Vote has also released a video explaining the suit.

The group is citing the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 so that all records pertaining to the recent 18th Congressional District election and subsequent recounts between West and Murphy be reviewed in order to perform a comprehensive third-party audit.

In other words, even with zero chance of overturning the results, True the Vote wants to do a recount of its own.

"This dramatic recount was an extraordinary example of how our elections can suffer systematic failure," True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said in a news release. "We run the risk seeing episodes like this becoming ordinary if citizens do not demand answers and hold election officials accountable. The American people own the voting system -- we have the right to ask tough questions when we witness the failure of one of America's core functions."

Joining True the Vote in the suit is Pam Wohlschlegel, who is the former Palm Beach County Tea Party coordinator, which is totally a coincidence.

St. Lucie County Complaint by True the Vote PR