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Today's Must-Reads

-- You got the FAU shooting, or grazing, in both the Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel. Interesting, but the must-read is the Sun-Sentinel comment board, which is so full of abject racism that the newspaper should delete the whole mess. Are these idiots organized or do they all just congregate at the S-S?

Oh my. As I was typing this, the Sentinel did what I thought they should do: Killed the commenting function under the FAU shooting story. Good for them. It was absolutely out-of-hand.

But now I see the Miami Herald board is taking up the slack. Vote Obama!

-- Cara Fitzpatrick gives us a scintillating tail -- uh, I mean tale -- about a "buxom blonde" who claims she was fired as a teacher at Port St. Lucie High School for some particularly revealing extracurricular work on a fishing boat. The story in the Palm Beach Post is good. The accompanying photos are fantastic. The Pulp thinks the teacher, with the pornalicious name of Tiffany Shepherd, should stop complaining. She skipped too much school and her true calling is obviously on the high seas. The real victims: A slew of acned boys in biology class, who are gonna be very bummed about this development.

UPDATE: From a comment below, here's a link to Shepherd's blog. Call me a sexist pig (again) or a prude (which I don't think I've ever been called), but I think it provides further evidence that not only does Tiffany not belong in a public school, but that she also doesn't really care. This is a publicity stunt, and a good one.