Gay Porn Actor 'Jason Creed' Busted on Charges of Choking Dog to Death

It was just ten months ago that Shane Thompson flew out to California to become Jason Creed. He left Florida, where he had lived for all of his 19 years, to do his first gay porn movie.

Afterward, he shot a video interview with the GayLifeNetwork about his interests, which mostly included science fiction and Orlando Bloom.

Now, Thompson faces charges in Boca Raton that he choked his three-legged, wolf-dog

mix to death and tried to play it off as if "Moonshine" had a seizure.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office claims Thompson took Moonshine to Cole Animal Clinic in Boca Raton on October 7. Thompson told a worker there that the dog had died that morning and he wanted to have Moonshine cremated.

A vet technician wasn't buying it. The dog looked like it had signs of blunt trauma. A veterinarian figured out that the dog had died of suffocation, likely from someone choking it.

It got worse for Thompson when deputies started asking around, according to arrest reports. Two witnesses told deputies that Thompson would hit Moonshine and once bragged that he had bitten off a part of the dog's ear.

That kind of violence is far from the Shane Thompson in the interview (video below) with GayLifeNetwork. In it, Thompson has a Justin Bieber-style bob of brown hair and a warm, crooked-toothed smile. "I like to stay in the mythical realm, because that's my thing," he says.

Even though Thompson was in town to shoot his first gay porn flick, the interview talks only briefly of sex. Thompson says he gets turned on most by looking at himself in a mirror. "If I ever had a twin, I'd never leave the bedroom."

If he did, maybe Moonshine wouldn't have met that fate.