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Puppy That Was Buried Alive Rescued by Police

Some asswipe in Williston, Florida, decided it would be a good idea to bury a two-week-old puppy alive.

However, the puppy was found, dug up, and rescued by police, and he appears to be doing fine, making this the most horrible/adorable story you'll hear all day.

According to the Gainesville Sun, Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow, says that a few police officers were disposing of evidence per a court order Thursday near a pit.

As they were doing so, they heard whimpering sounds coming from somewhere.

They began to follow the sound to its source and started digging when they realized it was the sound of a whimpering puppy. 

They rescued the puppy, who was reportedly stuffed into the ground head-first in an eight-inch hole. The cops believe the puppy had been there less than an hour.

The little guy was rushed to an animal clinic, where vets fed him with a baby bottle and HOLY CRAP THAT'S FRIGGIN' ADORABLE.

They eventually fed him solid food as well.

Strow says the puppy is about two weeks old, is doing just fine, and will be placed "in a loving home."

Strow also says they're looking for the creep who did this to the puppy.

Police officers ordered by a court to destroy evidence in a pit, hearing the sound of whimpering under the ground at said pit, and then rescuing a puppy someone buried alive is the most Gainesville thing ever. That sentence should be the city's official motto.