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Florida Man Murders and Dismembers Roommate, Shows Corpse to Friend

A Palm Beach County man allegedly murdered his roommate, dismembered the body, and then brought a friend over to see the corpse.

According to police, Scott Tobiassen, 49, a man described as violent (ya don't say!), and who brags about his fighting ability, murdered his roommate, Gerard Longo, 48, cut off his head and then brought his friend, Alexandra Peirce, to the apartment to show her Longo's bloodied body.

At first, Peirce though she was the victim of a sick prank by the two men. But when she realized Longed was dead, she called police.

Tobiassen reportedly told Peirce that Longo "had it coming to him."

Pierce says Tobiassen called her earlier that evening, apparently upset over losing his job when he failed a drug test.

Tobiassen also told her he had "hurt" Longo after the two began to fight. He told her he hit his roommate with a metal pipe, and then stabbed him with a knife.

Tobiassen also claimed that he was going to swallow pills in an attempt to take his own life. But, he said, he needed to hide Longo's body first.

When Pierce came over, Tobiassen led her to the bathroom where he showed her Longo's body sprawled in the shower. He had covered Longo's head, and when he removed the covering, Pierce saw the blood and thought it was a joke.

According to the arrest affidavit, he apparently warned Pierce not to tell anyone, saying she was now an accomplice to the murder since he showed her Longo's body.

Pierce called police, anyway. And when they arrived to Tobiassen's home, they discovered that Longo had already been dismembered. The found the victim's legs stuffed in plastic trash bags. Longos' head, arms and hands were put in one tote, and his torso and legs were placed in another.

When police found him, Tobiassen was covered in blood.

When they arrested him, he said, "things just got a little carried away today."

Sadly, Longo had tried to get a restraining order on Tobiassen in 2011, after the two got into a fist fight. But the order was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Strangely, according to the Palm Beach Post, the two men became roommates after the restraining order was dismissed.

Tobiassen was arrested on Wednesday, and remains in jail.

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