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Planned Parenthood Opens New Palm Beach County Clinic, Aims to Help Florida Teens Get a Clue

Time to start dusting off those protest signs -- Planned Parenthood opened new digs in Wellington on Monday, and they want to bring your kids -- gasp! -- sexual education.

Palm Beach County will have a total of three Planned Parenthood facilities after one in Lake Worth closes this summer, according to spokeswoman Takeata King Pang, but this facility will have an education wing unique to South Florida -- a vital addition, she said, because of the large gaps in Florida sex education.

"It's absolutely state-of-the-art. We are so excited about this health center," Pang said. "Our sex education is not in any way uniform across the state... Students and teens are really lacking a lot of that basic information."

The facility will help a portion of the state's 2 million uninsured women, according to a release, with offerings that include contraception services, cancer screenings, breast health services, PAP tests, checkups, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. The release did not say anything about pregnancy termination, but Pang said that will be offered there as well.

"People only think of one thing when they hear about Planned Parenthood," Pang said. "Yes, we do provide abortion services, but we also provide birth control, family planning, STI testing, and treatment."

She also emphasized the educational component, saying many who come in with questions are young teens or parents bringing their teens to get the birds-and-bees talk from a professional. The facility has a specially designed "Teen Talk" "Teen Time" program that "really is specific to the younger teen community," she said.

"[Palm Beach] County is very regional, and so we've really had kind of a hole over in that western area," Pang said, adding that the new facility will help with teen education in the currently underserved areas around Loxahatchee, Belle Glade, and Royal Palm.

The center is at 10111 Forest Hill Blvd., Ste. 340 in Wellington. If you're curious, they'll be giving tours at their "grand opening celebration" on May 10 from 10:30 until noon. Check out the Planned Parenthood website for contact info and hours.