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The Naked Truth: Meet a 90-Year-Old Nudist

Lester "Tex" Reutter, at 90 years old, is the oldest resident of Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort. He moved in permanently after John D. MacArthur State Park's beach became a clothing-mandatory area.

But prior to the state-mandated clothing rule, the John D. MacArthur beach, also known as the Satellite or Air Force Beach, was run by Mr. MacArthur himself. MacArthur was an avid skinny-dipper and reportedly once invited Walt Disney for a swim in the 1950s. Yes, Disney came and swam.

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Morley Schloss, majority shareholder of Sunsport Gardens, has been trying to reinstitute the beach's nude rights since the state took over. Schloss claims that MacArthur's son, Roderick MacArthur, supported the cause as well. To see a copy of the letter that Roderick wrote to Gov. Bob Graham concerning the matter, click here.

Currently, Reutter lives alone in his trailer, which is dubbed "Tex's castle." Below is a video interview with him in which he explains what he likes about living in a nudist resort.

Also, to see a video interview with Leslie, a 9-year-old living at Sunsport Gardens, click here.