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Scott Israel Suspends Cops Tied to Scott Rothstein

Newly minted Broward Sheriff Scott Israel isn't screwing around.

First he gets into office and starts firing people willy-nilly, and now this.

Israel has suspended Broward Sheriff's Officers Lt. Dave Benjamin and Det. Jeff Poole.

The reason for the suspensions: The Scott Rothstein effect.

Benjamin, who was once former Sheriff Al Lamberti's executive assistant, has been under investigation regarding the acceptance of more than $20,000 from convicted ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein.

For his part, Rothstein had made himself good pals with certain cops, even hiring some Ft. Lauderdale police to guard his mansion on a 24 hour loop.

But then he got busted for that $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme he put together, is now serving a 50-year prison sentence.

Now, anyone and everyone seemingly associated with Rothstein is scrambling. Benjamin himself agreed to give up an expensive Swiss watch and pay $30,000 in a settlement with Rothstein bankruptcy attorneys in 2011.

But that hasn't stopped Sheriff Israel from bringing down the hammer.

"I directed our colonel that beginning Tuesday, he was to meet with authorities and find out who on the Broward Sheriff's Office might be under investigation,'' he said.

Israel also released a statement on the suspensions:

"Pursuant to a request I gave Colonel Jack Dale to advise me of any briefings he received from outside law enforcement entities regarding any criminal investigations involving BSO personnel, I felt it was prudent to suspend Lt. David Benjamin and Dep. Jeff Poole."

Scott Israel is cleaning house.