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FAU Prof. James Tracy Finally Apologizes but Still Peddling Conspiracies

While James Tracy's two baby daughters vied for their father's attention on a recent morning outside of May Memorial Unitarian Church in Boca Raton, one of the country's most-hated professors thought for a moment.

"I'd say if given the chance, apology might be something I'd be interested in," said Tracy, who theorized two months ago whether the Sandy Hook shootings had occurred as the media had portrayed it -- or even at all.

But despite the sweeping condemnation and that his comments helped incite harassment of some parents of Sandy Hook victims, he expressed recalcitrance. He's convinced that at some level, he's right. Something strange happened in the coverage of Sandy Hook. The government, the media, the corporations -- they planned something. Though he's not sure what.

What's more, he said, it's odd that if his musings had so seriously affected any of the parents -- why hadn't they lashed out at him? Why hasn't he received any angry phone calls? If he were one of the parents, he said, he would have been screaming.

"Strange," Tracy said. Then let the thought drop.