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Update: Plant an ACORN, Grow a Bloviating Hasner

Oh good Christ. Now Delray Beach Republican House Rep. Adam Hasner is crowing about a Florida investigation of ACORN, as if that organization weren't already a corpse riddled with right-wing arrows. Hasner appears to be terrified that the dead will rise and, once risen, perhaps even stalk around collecting fake voter registration signatures.

Can we cut through the bloviating for just a second here? ACORN turned over those 888 faked voter registrations itself. Those registrations were pieces of paper that never went live. Paul Newman and Mickey Mouse were never officially registered in Florida. And no one bearing the voter cards of Paul Newman or Mickey Mouse ever went to the polls. Much less ever voted for B. Hussein O'Bama.

Not only did the so-called ACORN voter fraud go nowhere but the perps are now being arrested in Florida and will no doubt be prosecuted. Does this really require a House investigation? At -- excuse me -- real taxpayer expense?

Hasner should be reminded that intrepid videographer Hannah Giles actually visited ACORN offices in Miami with her prostitute schtick -- and got nuthin: ACORN employees in Miami advised her to go to a battered women's shelter.

Clearly, ACORN's management of its employees is pathetic: There's video footage to prove it. But ACORN doesn't receive any funding from the State of Florida. It does receive federal funding, for programs to eradicate lead paint from older housing and to provide foreclosure advice, among many other programs. But leave it to Hasner to jump on whatever creaky, three-wheeled bandwagon* might be passing close enough so he can bum a ride all the way to the next elections.

*Other vehicles Hasner has hopped on lately include a joyride on the Geert Wilders hate-train