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Former BSO Deputy Fondled Man During Traffic Stop, According to Lawsuit

Jonathan Bleiweiss, the former BSO deputy who offered illegal immigrants help for sex, has been slapped with another lawsuit.

Eight undocumented immigrants came forward with the same story back in 2009. Bleiweiss is facing charges stemming from those accusations.

This latest suit, which is unrelated to the original charge, says Bleiweiss fondled a man during a traffic stop in June 2009.

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According to the lawsuit, filed by William Castellanos, then-officer Bleiweiss pulled him over in Oakland Park on June 20, 2009.

Castellanos admitted to not having a driver's license, registration, or proof of insurance.

Bleiweiss had Castellanos step out of the car for a patdown.

During the patdown, the lawsuit says Bleiweiss unzipped Castellanos' pants, shoved his hands inside, and fondled his genitals while making suggestive comments.

In his suit, Castellanos is also accusing the Sheriff's Office of vicarious liability and negligence. At the time of the alleged traffic-stop fondle, Bleiweiss was already facing charges over his sexual abuse of undocumented immigrants.

It would appear that a patdown-fondle-in-the-pants is Bleiweiss' M.O.

On April 23, 2009, one of the male immigrant victims was waiting outside an apartment complex in Oakland Park for a ride to work when Bleiweiss approached in a marked BSO patrol car. He then requested the victim's identification.

Bleiweiss then allegedly placed the man up against the patrol car and, during the patdown, placed his hand inside the victim's underwear and groped him.

Investigators said that during that encounter, Bleiweiss demanded the victim's cell phone number and proceeded to call and send him text messages. Similar sexual encounters continued until June.

Bleiweiss is due to go on trial for the criminal charges in December.

This newest lawsuit by Castellanos accuses Bleiweiss of negligence, false imprisonment, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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