Teen Poses as a Police Officer So He Could "Arrest" His Shoplifting Buddy

Oh, teenagers.

Two Port St. Lucie teen boys wanted to buy stuff at a their neighborhood Walmart but just didn't have any money.

So they hatched a fail-safe plan.

One dude robs the store, and the other dude poses as a cop to arrest him.


Heist. Of. The. Century.

Unfortunately, the two didn't quite think beyond the "Bro! Check it! I got the best idea, bro!" stage and were promptly caught and arrested.

The plan seemed simple enough.

According to police, the plan involved the 14-year-old going into the store, stuffing his pockets, and walking out. Then the 17-year-old would pretend to be a cop and "arrest" his friend, with handcuffs and everything. Then they'd totally get away with all those free Fruit Gushers, Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards, and Jackie Chan movies!

The older teen even had a badge and fake gun to complete his devious disguise.

However, a few things went awry, and the whole plan fell apart:

First off, surveillance cameras picked up both boys walking into the Walmart at the same time at 3 a.m. Monday.

Second, most police officers don't have acne and a crack in their voice and are usually not dressed in baggy shirts and pants.

And finally, you at least should wait until you're gone from the scene of the crime before letting your guard down.

The boys went ahead and did their thing. But a savvy Walmart employee followed the two criminal masterminds to the parking lot after the crime was supposedly commited and witnessed them removing the handcuffs. In the parking lot. The employee then called 911.

The real cops then showed up and arrested the teens. Both were charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest without violence. The 17-year-old had a charge of impersonating a police officer tagged on as well.