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You Could Win Allen West's Motorcycle Helmet

It's a random weekday during a random month and so -- wheeee! -- Allen West is back in the news.

This time, though, it's not for calling FAU students "animals" and promising to "face" them if they step to his lady, and it's not for writing A TOTES AWESOME book comparing Democrats to Star Wars characters, and it's most certainly not for saying Nazi leaders would be "very proud" of democracy.

Instead, the former Tea Party crazyman Congressman Fox News contributor (who told Sean Hannity yesterday that Obama was to blame for the recent Ft. Hood shooting) receives headlines today for a giveaway he's having on his site. For an autographed motorcycle helmet.

That's right. The former congressman is giving away a black half-helmet, reason unknown, stained with his autograph, official U.S. Army logos, and a removable chin strap, should you wish to wear the damned thing during Tequila Fridays.

The contest, though, isn't really free. If you wish to participate, you'll have to go to West's site and register for his newsletter. Apparently, though that's not deterring anyone. People really want this helmet. The contest had more than 10,000 Facebook shares at last glance.

Well, at least he's not totally gonna, like, run for president in 2016, right? Heh. Heh.


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