Escaped Wisconsin Inmates Arrested Climbing Things in Broward County

Police say 29-year-old James Newman and 18-year-old James Misleveck escaped from a Wisconsin correctional facility last week, then stole cars and a shotgun and kidnapped a woman from a casino. They were then allegedly spotted at a robbery in Hillsborough County on Sunday, thousands of miles away.

After a high-speed chase through Hollywood yesterday, a crew of officers from the Seminole PD, Hollywood PD, and Broward Sheriff's Office arrested the two and got them back behind bars, according to WTSP.

Misleveck got snagged trying to jump a fence; Newman hid in a tree.

He was ordered to surrender, according to the Chippewa Herald, but instead tried to run. He was attacked by a police dog and apprehended.

They'd fled after police tried to confront them for allegedly "casing vehicles in the parking lot" of the Hard Rock Casino, per the Herald. After a chase through a residential neighborhood, they dumped the car and ran, ending up on that fence and in that tree.

They're now awaiting extradition to Wisconsin for escape charges; they could also face charges in Florida for the Hillsborough County robbery and the police chase and federal charges of illegally carrying that shotgun.

Misleveck was in prison in the first place for burglary, arson, and car theft; Newman fired an assault rifle at his ex-girlfriend's house. Both were originally set to be released in a few months.