Dwyane Wade Is Moving On From LeBron James (Video)

The post-LeBron era has gotten off to a solid start for the Miami Heat. But while the new-look squad adjusts to a sans-James system and looks to fly under the radar as a competitive force in the Eastern Conference, one constant remains: Dwyane Wade.

And now a video by NBA videomaker David Golic has surfaced celebrating everything Wade is and means to the team and the community.

Set to the song "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran (you might remember it from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug), the video showcases some of Wade's greatest career highlights, while at the same time symbolically moving on from his partnership with friend and onetime cochampion LeBron James.

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Wade remains beloved among the Heat faithful. And entering this season, that's never been more prevalent.

Wade, for as much as his skills have diminished and as much as his health has waned, remains the face of this franchise and an icon to the town he represents. And he's made it clear throughout his career how much he loves the city, the fans, and the franchise.

The video is filled with grand moments and sappy sentiments from the likes of Stephen A. Smith and bombastic commentary from Skip Bayless.

It's all at once syrupy and nostalgic and awesome.

The Miami Heat franchise has three NBA Finals championship banners hanging from the rafters of the American Airlines Arena.

All three are there because of Dwyane Wade.

And the arena itself remains, as ever, his house.

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