Boynton Beach Police Say It's Safe to Go Into Hospitals, Despite Report About Threatening YouTube Videos

On Monday, news blog West Boca News put out a story about an apparent Situational Awareness Bulletin from the Boynton Beach Police Department regarding a man who shot almost a dozen YouTube videos describing the lax security at local hospitals.

The bulletin, which states it is for Law Enforcement Use, goes on to describe the man in question as angrily talking about a "Holy War" on women in some of the videos.

For its part, the Boynton Beach PD says that there is no threat and that the bulletin was merely meant to let other law enforcement officials know that the man was being investigated.

New Times contacted the BBPD for comment on the bulletin, and Public Information Officer Stephanie Slater said the bulletin was meant to be shared specifically and only with law enforcement officials to inform them of the early stages of an investigation on the videos.

"Anytime that we receive information that could pose a threat to an individual or business, it is our responsibility to look into it and share it with our law enforcement partners," Slater said. "The Boynton Beach Police Department would like to reassure the community that their safety is paramount, and we have no reason to believe it is unsafe to go to any area hospitals."

Slater goes on to say that the bulletin was never sent to local hospitals as a warning. According to West Boca News, the bulletin was posted at Bethesda Memorial Hospital.

The bulletin says the BBPD received information on a Thomas Francis Carney III, who had uploaded 11 YouTube videos titled "Last American Hero." According to the bulletin, the videos were uploaded on August 7 and then again on August 26.

The videos themselves have since been set to private, but the bulletin goes into detail on some of them.

Some of the videos show Carney walking around Bethesda Memorial Hospital, frantically showing how easily he could walk into the hospital armed.

In another of the videos, Carney speaks of his hatred toward women and feminism and says "he will be famous for what he's about to do to women and feminism," according to the bulletin.

The one point that stands out in the bulletin is that Carney's actions "almost mirror those of Roger Elliot in Santa Barbara," which is a reference to the murder spree Elliot Rodger went on in Isla Vista, California, earlier this year before killing himself. Prior to the killings, the 23-year-old Rodger had posted similar videos on YouTube describing his hatred toward women as a motivation for him to commit murder.

The BBPD bulletin does go on to say that police have made contact with Carney and that he admitted to making the videos. Carney's explanation for the videos was that he did them for a book he's writing, according to the bulletin.

Incidentally, Carney's father is Thomas Carney, an attorney and former mayor of Delray Beach until he was voted out in 2013.

The bulletin also says Thomas Carney limited how many questions police could ask his son.

Following the West Boca News article, the BBPD put out a statement saying:

On Sept. 1, 2014, incorrectly reported a story about the Boynton Beach Police Department posting a situational awareness bulletin in area hospitals. This LAW ENFORCEMENT USE bulletin was emailed to other law enforcement personnel only. It was not posted by Boynton Beach police in ANY hospital. The purpose of the bulletin was to inform law enforcement of information that we were gathering in the early stages of an investigation. That information has now been turned over to the FBI. In the future, should you see a law enforcement bulletin such as this one, we urge you to contact us and understand all of the facts and reasoning behind the document BEFORE reporting about it.

The bulletin says that the FBI has been notified of Carney's videos and that it is investigating.

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