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Christian Family Coalition Blows a Gasket Over Oakland Park's Equality Month Proclamation

To the surprise of no one, the Christian Family Coalition is still going batshit insane against the gay community.

Today's freakout comes in response to the Oakland Park City Commission, which passed a proclamation recognizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride & Equality Month a few weeks ago.

As per usual, the bigoted extremists accuse the commission of being populated by, of course, "bigoted extremists."

Brace yourself for some hateful crap, courtesy of the Christian Family Coalition kooks:

Ultimately, the Oakland Park City Commission irresponsibly voted 4-1 for the anti-Family, antisocial Aberrosexualist proclamation, with Commissioner Shank casting the only "NO" vote.

For his fair and civic-minded remarks and "NO" vote, intolerant, intolerant, hate-filled homosexualist extremists attacked him and bizarrely called him "disrespectful."

"Since when is a proclamation extolling "pride" in biologically aberrant sexual behavior and practices more important than celebrating a nationally observed day honoring fathers? The only disrespectful and hypocritical ones here are the intolerant extremists imposing their homosexualist views on the rest of society. Where is the tolerance and respect for Commissioner Shank's point of view? These bigoted extremists owe Commissioner Jed Shank, and everyone else a public apology. Of course, they won't do it, thus showing their true agenda of hate, bigotry, intolerance and discrimination," remarked Anthony Verdugo, Christian Family Coalition Founder and Executive Director.

Also included in the group's news release is a prewritten letter -- which seems to be a staple for weirdos -- thanking Commissioner Shank for his "no" vote as part of its view that the equality month is disrespectful to fatherhood.

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