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We Got Issues: New Times in Print

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama talked a good game about leading a corporate clean-up crusade, calling for the arrest and prosecution of corporate swindlers. In this week's feature, James Lieber outlines the president's plan of attack and progress in nabbing Wall Street crooks -- which is virtually non-existent.

In the news column, Natalie O'Neill, reports about a disgraced news anchor turned "video vigilante," who claims to be ridding South Florida of injustice. Yeah, he got booted from the Navy, and axed from his anchor gig for making an obscene comment, but that doesn't stop this big dreamer armed with his camera, ready to confront wrongdoers on tape.

In Night & Day, I previewed Michael Jackson's This Is It, the posthumous documentary currently blowing up theaters. Food reviewer John Linn didn't get his kicks at City Place's Carousel Can Can. In the music section, Christopher Lopez imagines how Depeche Mode might sound on Prozac. Conclusion: like Mute Math, a New Orleans quartet that's coming to Fort Lauderdale for a show next week.