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Boca Raton's State Legislators Busy Bustin' Iran's Balls, Un-Killing the Electric Car

Boca Raton has its own dynamic duo in Tallahassee. There's State Rep. Adam Hasner, the Republican. And there's Sen. Ted Deutch, the Democrat. Based on party affiliation, who would you suppose is the one who wants to play hardball with Iran? And which one is a champion of the electric car?

Wrong! The Republican's been tooling around the state in an electric car, and the Democrat's headed to Washington, D.C., to tell a U.S. House Committee it should toughen its stance on Iran.

Deutch's appearance will be broadcast live on C-SPAN at 10 a.m. tomorrow. From the release:

Sen. Deutch has been a leader on divestment of public monies from Iran. As a freshman state Senator in 2007, he rallied broad bi-partisan support and passed the "Protecting Florida's Investments Act," making Florida the first state in the nation to divest its pension funds from companies doing business with the energy sector of Iran.  Since its passage, Florida has divested over $1 billion in state funds.

Deutch is expected to give his endorsement to a bill by Rep. Barney Frank that allows governments to divest themselves of any company with $20 million in Iran's energy industry, based on evidence that the Mideast nation is using that money to develop nuclear weapons.

Around here, we kid Hasner about being afraid of Muslims. But to his credit, Hasner's one of those rare Republicans who gives a shit about the environment. Last year, he spent 90 days driving an electric car and now has introduced a bill that would remove state sales tax from the purchase of an electric car and give a tax credit to businesses that use them.